Thursday, June 23, 2005

News you want to use.

I linked National Geographic News up to my site today - love the paleontology and archaeology section. The robotics articles were really interesting today, a lifelike robot in Japan that 'breathes'... and modular robots that reproduce themselves.

Supreme court came through with an eminent domain ruling today that should shiver the bones of anyone who wants to live the American Dream (IMHO) of owning a house and business in an American city.

Picked green beans in the garden and zucchini. Making rice and broccoli right now for lunch. We are putting up panelling today.

Vintage men's shirt sewing pattern arrived today. Maybe I can do the sleeves right on JB's shirt now.

Also saw that at the Minnesota Zoo (my previous home state!) the fisher cat had kittens. They don't have pictures up yet but put a link to the news story up on Rhe Lynn's Rooms (RLR)

Sally cat is meowing in frustration because she is trying to catch a jumping spider that hitched in from the garden. She is trying her best acrobatics but can't get a good pounce on it.


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