Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Kitten sitting and science news

We are kitten sitting a sibling of our two little terrors. ;o) So far so good. We will have her for half a week. They hissed a bit at each other even today (she met them yesterday for the first time in two months). Hopefully they will be playing soon as they were last night when she went to her home for the night.

I added a section of science news to the page, not rss.. but hand-updated. Stuff I find interesting. Strange vision of my mind it must give ;o) I've been doing the news in a different category for another site, so I can put up interesting stuff in another window as I go. I find genetics and microbiology have peaked my interest in the past few weeks. I was over at Nature's site reading (what they let you without a sub, which is hit and miss) about stem cells and how they have 'rebooted' some... interesting. Two tiny baby pandas were born in China, making five recently! National Geographic News is always great.

The geocities counter that was on the index page was loopy - registering every reload as a new hit. I found one that I was using on the Science Fiction Cookbook site that registers each isp instead.

Vegan cooking getting a little better. We used almost everything from our garden harvest today to make lunch. Rice with zucchini, pepper, cayenne, tomatoes, a small ear of corn and an added onion. Used balsamic vinegar and basil in it. Bought a block of cheese and some blackberry jam at home for between-meal snacks.


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