Thursday, June 30, 2005

Kitten attack squad and Bubble Bobble

"The only problem with a kitten attack squad is that they only attack each other and innocent bystanders.", me on Jun 28th.

I need coffee today, badly, but it is 90+ degrees out. Our kittens have a terrible habit of running over us at full speed in the early morning... hence kitten attack squad. I want to be able to play Bubble Bobble again.. have to look into that. I used to love that game as a kid.

Our cherry tomato is producing now, great! Tessa the goat is running around outside here at the office eating trees and bouncing about. Kittens are fighting in the house here. Website traffic at the Science Fiction Cookbook is up! Have to add more recipes to that again here soon. 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday ;o)

Still trying to get JB's sleeve on his shirt right. I really just want to make them short sleeves and not worry about this cuff thing at all.. but how else am I going to learn. More vintage patterns coming in the mail, some 1950s simplicity and an old (no date) vogue couturier(sp?). One new skirt made so far, have to make about 3 more to have enough for a week. Need to get more fabric, most of my cloth at home isn't large enough to make a longer skirt or dress without piecework.

Now to go get rid of my caffeine headache... This is what I get for being addicted to coffee in a hot climate.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

News you want to use.

I linked National Geographic News up to my site today - love the paleontology and archaeology section. The robotics articles were really interesting today, a lifelike robot in Japan that 'breathes'... and modular robots that reproduce themselves.

Supreme court came through with an eminent domain ruling today that should shiver the bones of anyone who wants to live the American Dream (IMHO) of owning a house and business in an American city.

Picked green beans in the garden and zucchini. Making rice and broccoli right now for lunch. We are putting up panelling today.

Vintage men's shirt sewing pattern arrived today. Maybe I can do the sleeves right on JB's shirt now.

Also saw that at the Minnesota Zoo (my previous home state!) the fisher cat had kittens. They don't have pictures up yet but put a link to the news story up on Rhe Lynn's Rooms (RLR)

Sally cat is meowing in frustration because she is trying to catch a jumping spider that hitched in from the garden. She is trying her best acrobatics but can't get a good pounce on it.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

The Sewing experiments

This post is going to look like it doesn't belong in this blog, but people are diverse creatures. This is the same person that once did computer programming, 3D graphics and reads a lot of science fiction.

I guess you could say I am a strange personality type -

Since we moved to the South, I've been trying to find out what to do with myself. I've taken up a very 'conventional' but also very challenging task of sewing some clothes for us.

This started because I found some 1960s patterns at a thrift store for less than 10 cents each.
Altering patterns that are not exactly your size, actual construction and getting a store-quality garment is a difficult task. It takes patience, fine work and attention to detail. It reminds me of the work I learned studying printmaking in art school.

I have already completed two dresses in two weeks, with various found fabrics. The fitting problems were overcome and they both fit. They both passed the 'wear this in public' test. Whether they hold up in the washing machine is round 3.

JB's shirt is next. I have all but the sleeves done this week. The area by the cuff is extremely difficult to construct cleanly. I have a vintage pattern coming off Ebay sometime soon to help with this.

My other vintage 1956 sewing pattern came in the mail this morning. Everything in mint condition. I'm going to have to try altering that one and making the jacket in it after this shirt is finished.

Looking up sources for linen and silk on the internet. Read somewhere that the silk might need a special foot to sew.

In other news we got two new kittens, sisters out of the same litter. They have been with us about 3 weeks. JB says I 'keep them out of danger' too much... kittens can live sheltered lives, who knew? Willow is a grey tiger and Sally is dark with white socks and a white chest.